Department of Accounting and Finance

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Interdepartmental Master’s Degree Program in “Accounting and Auditing”


Since the academic year 2018-2019, the Department of Accounting and Finance of the School of Management and Economics of the Hellenic Mediterranean University and the Department of Accounting and Finance of the School of Business Administration of the University of Macedonia, have offered a Master’s degree in:

“Accounting and Auditing”

The purpose of this Interdepartmental Master’s Degree Program is to educate students in the fields of Accounting and Auditing in order to create specialists with high theoretical training and know-how, who will not only meet the needs imposed by the rapid development and increase of scientific progress, but will also staff companies, and constitute the core of training and educating society as a whole.

The Master’s Program has the following scientific objectives: a) strengthening interdisciplinary research, elaborating innovative applied research projects, and developing their respective branches; b) training senior executives of private and public companies and organizations in order to meet the needs of their specialized activities; c) social interventions to address the operational problems of public or private bodies in order to promote the economic development of the country; d) research in all its possible forms, e.g. publication of books, joint degree theses, doctoral dissertations, European/National programs; e) exempting students and graduates of the Interdepartmental Master’s Degree Program from courses in professional exams (e.g. Hellenic Accounting and Auditing Standards Oversight Board (HAASOB), ACCA, etc.) both in Greece and abroad when possible; f) ensuring that the graduates of the Interdepartmental Master’s Degree Program hold positions relevant to Accounting or Auditing with high demands, both in Greece and abroad, in either public or private companies or organizations, regardless of industry; g) ensuring that research positions in topics related to Accounting and Auditing are covered.

The Interdepartmental Master’s Degree Program awards a Master’s Degree in “Accounting and Auditing”. University graduates both from Greece and abroad can be admitted. The Program will award students a Master’s Degree in four full-time academic years or six part-time academic semesters. The annual number of admissions to the program is set at a maximum of thirty-five students, of which up to 30% are exempt from tuition fees, in accordance with the law. The tuition fees for the Interdepartmental Master’s Degree Program amount to €1,175 per semester; i.e. €4,700 for the entire program.

Dr. Christos Floros

Professor, Vice-Rector for Research and Lifelong Learning

Director of the Interdepartmental Master’s Degree Program in Accounting and Auditing

For more information click here for the website of the Master’s Degree Program

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